Okay yes this even makes me cringe but I’m determined to stand by it. When I really think about it, these are pretty true words. If I had to give my younger self advice based on what I know so far from my few decades on earth, it could indeed be summed up in these three words.


I know we do it automatically when we get up in the morning, but I mean really live! When i was 21 I got quite sick and spent a few months unable to do much of anything. When I finally was able to go out again I had this sense of impatience awoken within me that was insatiable. Not only was I desperate to make the most of every minute but the world seemed more amazing than ever. Because deprived of it, I suddenly really saw it, and realised how beautiful it was. Get out and try new things, go on adventures, meet new people, sit under a tree and just take in the view! Living doesn’t have to be all fast paced. Travel, talk, listen and watch, but don’t forget to breathe.


Not long after a friend took me out to a comedy night at the Rhino Room Adelaide Comedy Club. I remember watching the show and laughing so hard and then right in the middle of it realising how good it felt to physically laugh. It had been so long since I’d had a good laugh and as I leaned back to catch my breath it felt better than anything ever had. Stand up comedy is reflective. It often looks at loss, unworthiness, confusion about this crazy world, but it does it in a way that unites us, that we relate to, that is vulnerable and shows us we can always laugh instead of cry. Find the funny!


If there’s one thing better than a good laugh, it’s….. finding that beautiful connection with other people. Don’t be afraid to love. It will give you the most soaring highs and the most crushing lows. Yes, I have been dumped and cheated on, and it still surprises me how physically painful this is. I’ve had short whirlwind romances and had love interests disappear, but I would endure it all for the people I have met in the process. Without the lows there can be no highs, it’s a boring straight line of mediocrity. Even if it’s for a short ride, I’m a firm believer that people come into our lives for a reason, to join us for a part of our journey, to help us grow and teach us something about ourselves and in turn we do that for them. I’ve got so many happy days to remember and sometimes I’m lucky enough to stay friends with those wonderful people even after we’ve parted ways so we can reminisce and look out for each other. We won’t always handle the end of these romances in the best way, but we learn with time, we are all human. Give your heart and hold someone else’s, there is nothing more precious.

And where did the inspiration to use these three words come from? Other than my love of alliteration, a pack of $4.95 coasters from H&M home. Inspiration is free, or at least cheap, and all around us!




Carla xo