Things I’ve been told not to wear and why I wear them!

PHOTOGRAPHY: Michael Blamey 

Fashion should be a creative outlet but it can sometimes be a scary path to navigate, especially if you’re curvy. Many of the style rules for curvy girls can be summarised like this… Don’t draw attention to yourself! Things like avoid patterns, wear dark colours and go with simple lines that don’t add bulk, might help you seem a cm or two slimmer, but is that worth it when they also ensure that no one is looking at you? You are much better off owning your shape and dressing to impress. If you’re putting effort and planning into your fashion, make it memorable!

There are definitely ways to have fun with your fashion so I’ve put together 4 looks that can work on a variety of body shapes for a variety of occasions! Just as a bonus every look as pockets, because pockets, yes!

DRESS by Feather & Find

Bright colours and bold patterns. Yes and yes! This cut of this dress is absolutely stunning but when I first saw the fabric I second guessed it. The fabric is cotton but drapes and floats like silk with a really flattering wrap design that accommodates all manner of curves. Not to mention the Russian princess sleeves! It made me feel amazing, so i got it. It’s an eye catcher, which means I’ve been showered with compliments every time i’ve worn it.

JUMPSUIT & HAT by Sportsgirl

An all in one playsuit? Yes you can! Especially if it has full length leg or shorts with long sleeves because it extends the look beyond just the torso. This off the shoulder playsuit has a subtle floral pattern and is super versatile, so it’s a real day to night winner!


Dramatic sleeves are a fashion trend we’ve seen over the last few seasons. As a busty girl drawing attention to my torso is not advised, but they are so fun!! They make me happy and always get great compliments. I’ve paired them with another fashion fear, the bold bright colour. Yellow is really on trend and balances out the bold shape of the top.

SKIRT by H&M  TOP by Dotti & BAG by Collette

This full, calve length skirt adds to my shape, but what a fun shape! I love the 50s style full skirt in this luxe, thick fabric. I’ve paired it with a simple black top in another style i was told i could never wear. This cropped fitted top is also so well constructed I can wear it without a bra even with a larger than average cup size.

Wear what brings you joy. Go for well constructed, good quality pieces, that fit well. Stick to that and you can’t go wrong. Personally I say be bold. If a fabric makes you smile then go with it. Don’t be afraid to incorporate some bold colours and floral patterns no matter what the season! Shine bright!

Be You!

Own it!