Change The World With Instagram

Photograph: Bel Johnston @ivebeencreative

Controversial statement I know. Other than Facebook, Instagram is the most popular social media platform and it has dramatically changed the way we interact socially. As you may already know I spend quite a bit of time on it for a very good reason, however, I’m constantly having to justify it to my family and friends.


There’s the assumption that it’s a time waster. A rabbit hole of vanity, self-promotion, and self-comparison. A deep sea of selfies and photos of food in varying qualities. So it’s no surprise that anyone wanting to be taken seriously would be a little sceptical about getting stuck into Instagram and find my somewhat incessant photo taking a little annoying.


Now imagine you could be Editor in Chief of a magazine. Imagine all you could share with your readers. The conversations you could start and the diverse images you could expose them to. Well, Instagram is your magazine, your part of the internet and your own MEDIA. You control it! OH THE POWER! So if you don’t want to be a bikini-clad influencer, guess what? Don’t be. If you don’t want to see that, don’t follow them! Instagram has the power to do much more than create the next Kardashian if you take control and give it a chance!


For me it’s all about adding to the diverse body types we should be seeing in the media. Won’t put a curve model in a magazine? That’s ok us curvy ladies are all over Instagram and guess where young girls spend their time these days? Not reading magazines. If I can be part of the balance and help younger people see a diverse range of bodies, examples of owning your own shape and style and at the same time bring a little bit of elegant glamour back to the world, then I feel I’m helping to create change. Plus I get to have fun creating some interesting and pretty content, which I enjoy.

Instead of adding to the noise and bland chatter on the internet, you can use it to create change. If a picture is worth a thousand words then Instagram gives you the power to communicate with high impact, quickly. The concept of followers gives you the chance to build a tribe around you and communicate instantly with those in your community creating conversations, giving support and inspiring others directly & indirectly. Instagram stories & IGTV now give you the chance to do mini vlogs and show your personality beyond still images. You have a potential world of readers and allies out there who can add to your voice and together you can make a difference!


Joining instagram and making it work for you successfully doesn’t mean you have to post every element of your life or that you have to start taking selfies, though no judgement if you do! You do you! What you do have to do is know your passion. Who do you want to help & why?


Once you know what you want to do and why you want to do it, the tool to start that process is right in your hand (or very close by i’m sure) 


Be you,

Own it