3 Exciting Everyday Bras by Elomi

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I’ve been a fan of Elomi Bras since I had the chance to model for their Australian distributor two years ago. Since then I’ve worn versions of their Bijou bra as my everyday bra. Not only is it smooth and has a shape I love, they have a real flair to them. There are great colours, lace accents and a J hook which means they can become a cross back with one clip.

Other than the occasional accidental showing, like when I popped a button on my work shirt one day, I haven’t publicly shared how great Elomi’s styles are. So when I was kindly offered some bras from their new range to try out, I thought I’d write a blog to let you know a bit more about this brand


This is Elomi’s answer to that new fashion trend we’ve seen from lingerie brand for visible straps over the cup that peek out from the neckline. It gives you that “I may be wearing a t-shirt but I’ve got it all going on under here” look. It also has a double shoulder strap which is a nice feature, and if you use the J hook to create a crossover back, the double straps give a very dramatic harness effect. It’s your 50 shades for every day.

While the banded straps can move about a little, I found they stay put under clothes. A week after this photo I wore it under 4 different outfits on a photo shoot and it survived all the moving around and did not show unless I had a low cut top or adjusted the black bands higher.

Again with the on-trend strappy detail, the Sacchi adds translucent mesh panels for a slightly more risque look. The straps are designed to create what I think looks like a butterfly design on your chest. The small ring detail seems to hold the straps in place and avoids any rolling. The back is great too and scoops down from the straps to only two hooks while still giving you the wider band around the sides of the back to flatten and smooth. I love the pants too with the high waist and mesh front panels with the band detail. While it looks like you might have to make some sacrifices in the comfort area for such a good looking bra, the Sacchi is extremely wearable and comfortable. In the right size, it doesn’t cut in anywhere. Definitely a fabulous everyday bra!

While a full mesh cup isn’t normally my go to, the Matilda cuts a great shape. It’s a plunge bra, but it manages to resist that bigger bust issue where the girls slide in to visit each other and give you some intense cleavage. It also supports at the sides meaning it keeps everything front and centre. The dotted detail in the lace is a great touch and if it happened to peak out of a blouse I think it would be a pretty effect and only remind people you are stylish and elegant.

Lingerie should be an everyday item and allow you to bring fabulousness into your life, regardless of what you do with your day. I always find a beautiful set makes me feel put together and powerful and at the end of the day that’s exactly the person you should be wearing lingerie for! You! Let it support you, physically and mentally, to take on whatever your day holds.

Follow Elomi on Instagram to see their new styles and many of the styles can be purchased at Brava Lingerie.

Thank you my Insta hubby Matthew Carey for the photography.

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